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Stained Glass Window at the Dutch Refromed Church in Vierpolders, Netherlands

Previously, I wrote about the church in Vierpolders, Netherlands that our Luijendijk ancestors attended.  This church has beautiful (at least from the pictures I have seen) stained glass windows.  One window in particular is important to the Leyndyke family.  My genea-friend, Tom deMeijer, traveled to Vierpolders and visited the church and took pictures.  This is what he wrote about the windows:

The window was donated to the church, together with 5 other persons, by Jan Cornelisse Leuijendick in 1721 when the little church was built.

In the window with the 6 Coats of Arms.
Left top down:
Crins Janse, alderman-sheriff of Nieuwland (New Land of Brielle was the old name of Vierpolders), the cow indicates he had cattle.

Jan Hoogerwerf
Vasal of Voorne, sheriff of Vierpolders and Swartewael (now Zwartewaal, a village nearby) with fish and star.

Leendert van Doorne, Alderman, arms with merlon/ battlements; this indicates an old origin of his coats of arms maybe form the chivalry period.
Jan Cornelisse Luijendijk Portion of the Window

Right top down:Jans Cornelisse Luijendijk-Captain and Sheriff living in 1721; The Coat of Arms contains a grapevine and is inspired by John:15 "and Jesus said, I am the true grapevine and you are the vines; who stays in me and I in him, will bear many fruits".

Leendert Meuldijk (means mill dyke), so he was running a mill on the dyke. He was captain (of the warship) and alderman.

Sir Pieter de Boo; arms with sun, three trees and three swords. He was secretary of Swartewael and Vierpolders.

In the upperside of the window;
The Lady of Justice with her balance on the left and the Lady of Wisdom with mirror and snake to the right.

Thank you to Tom for providing us a glimpse into the past.  Kirk and I hope to visit the Netherlands some day and the church at Vierpolders will be on our list to see.


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