Abraham and Jennie VanOeveren: Tombstone Tuesday

Author: Brenda Leyndyke / Labels: , , ,

JENNIE                        ABRAHAM
1866 MOTHER 1932      1865 FATHER 1943

Abraham and Jennie (Kosten) VanOveren are buried in Fairplains Cemetery, 2056 Diamond Ave Northeast, on the NW corner of Knapp Street and Fuller Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They are in Lot 387; Block 2; Grave 1 & 2.

Abraham was born 20 June 1865 and died 22 October 1943.  Jennie was born 11 May 1866 and died 19 June 1932.  They both died in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan.

Kirk's parents visited the cemetery office and were given the burial information below.  It looks like it is a family plot.  The handwritten notes on the bottom are written by Kirk's mother.  Jennie's 1931 burial date is an error.  She died in 1932.  I haven't researched the others enough to identify where they fit into the family.  I surmise that baby Abram was a child of Abraham and Jennie, but do not know that as fact.


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