Dutch Reformed Church, Vierpolders, Netherlands: Those Thursday Places

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 Dutch Reformed Church
Vierpolders, Netherlands

Dutch Reformed Church
Vierpolders, Netherlands

The Dutch Reformed Church in Vierpolders, Netherlands was built in 1721.  This church is the one that Jan Cornelisse Luijendijk, the son of Cornelis Arend Luijendijk-Kirk's eight great grandfather, helped found. 

Tom deMeijer, a Netherland's genea-friend told me, "It is not more than a chapel really, but very nicely situated on a higher part in the middle of the village between old trees and very well restored.  Besides the church,  you will see the old pulpit (original of 1721) and the State Bible offered to the church by Lady C.A. van Salis de Marcheling, born Baronesse van Leyden.  The organ is not original, but a recent copy of an organ as used in the early 18th century."

He explained the Dutch Reformed Church also, "In the Netherlands we distinguish the Dutch Reformed Church (Nederlands Hervormde Kerk) and the later separation, the more orthodox "Gereformeerde Kerk".  Both words "Hervormd " and "Gereformeerd" translate as "Reformed" in English.  The "Hervormde" branch was a more liberal form of Calvinism, but since a couple of years both churches have merged again.


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Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. I would love to go see the church in person and when I do, I will post more pictures.

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