Happy Birthday, Grandma Lee

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Kirk's grandma, Leona Dollaway Corcoran, was born 30 May 1905, near Lowell, Kent, Michigan.  She was the eighth of nine children born to Willis George Dollaway and Francis A. Denny. 

Leona married Bertrand Francis Corcoran on 3 June 1925 at St. Andrew's Cathedral in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She had five children:  Richard, Elizabeth, Helen, Nancy and John.

She lived to be 100 years old.  She spent most of her life living in the Grand Rapids area.  She was fondly referred to as Grandma Lee.  My family was fortunate to get to know Grandma Lee.  She and her friend, Lois, would go for a Sunday drive and stop by and visit.  I remember visiting Grandma Lee one time, when she was in her 80's, and she was complaining about the old people who drive and go to the grocery store.  I had to chuckle.  She was still driving at this time.

Sometime in her 90's she moved to South Carolina, where her son lived.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to South Carolina before she died in 2005.  I will forever be thankful for her grandmotherly presence in our lives.   



Kirsten said...

I always wish I had been able to know her more. She seemed like such an awesome lady. I still think fondly of her often.

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