Wedding of Pieter Luijendijk and Jaapje Maasdam

Author: Brenda Leyndyke / Labels: ,

Pieter Luijendijk and Jaapje Maasdam, Kirk's 2x great grandparents, were married 165 years ago, today on 7 May 1847 in Zuid-Beijerland, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

The image above, which I apologize for it's fuzziness-this was the best I could do with it, is the record of marriage for Pieter and Jaapje Luijendijk.  I haven't transcribed it yet, but you can see their names clearly and the parent's names.

Pieter Luijendijk is the son of Jacob Luijendijk and Johanna 'Anna' van der Burg.  Jaapje Maasdam is the daughter of Bastiaan Maasdam and Lijntje Stroobergen.

Pieter and Jaapje Luijendijk immigrated to the United States two years after their marriage.  They settled in Owasco, Cayuga, New York before moving to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area before 1870.

Pieter and Jaapje had nine children: Anna, Bastian, Jacob, Annie, Allen, Cornelius, Daniel, Rachel, and one other. 


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