The First van den Bos Immigrant: Marinus van den Bos and Family

Author: Brenda Leyndyke / Labels: , , , , , ,

The first van den Bos (Vandenbos) immigrant in Kirk's family came to the United States on 12 Mar 1881.  Marinus 'Martin' van den Bos; his wife, Lena (Quist) van den Bos; and four year old daughter, Neeltje Cornelia 'Nellie' van den Bos travelled in steerage from Rotterdam, Holland (Netherlands) to New York, USA aboard the ship 'Amsterdam'. 

The family eventually settled in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan.  Nellie van den Bos married Cornelius Luyendyk 17 November 1893 in Dorr Center, Allegan, Michigan.  Cornelius and Nellie Luyendyk are Kirk's great grandparents. 


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