The Marriage of Cornelius Luyendyk and Neeltje Cornelia van den Bos

Author: Brenda Leyndyke / Labels: ,

One hundred nineteen years ago today, Kirk's great grandparents were married.  Cornelius Linedyk and Nellie Bush, as their names were recorded in the Kent County marriage book, were married in Dorr Center, Michigan.  

The table below is from the transcription that I took when I visited the county clerk's office.  This simple entry in a county marriage ledger prompted a few questions.

1.  Why is Nellie's name recorded as Bush?  Her maiden name was van den Bos.  I would love to know the story of their marriage.  What did her parent's think of their daughter getting married to a man twice her age.

2.  Where in Dorr Center were they married?  A church, friend's house, justice of peace or ?  Cornelius was living in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the time, which is about 20 miles North of Dorr.

Unfortunately, Cornelius and Nellie were only married six and a half years.  Cornelius died in 1900, leaving a   22 year old wife with two young children, ages three and five.


Marriage Record of Cornelius Linedyk and Nellie Bush

Found at Kent County Clerk Office, Grand Rapids,  MI
Book 11 Page 131  License # 7167

Cornelius Linedyk
Gaines Township
New York
Nellie Bush
Kent County

Date of Marriage:  November 17, 1893
Place of Marriage:  Dorr Center