Schump-Surname Saturday

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The Schump surname can be found on Kirk' mother's side of the family.  I have found Schump spelled as Schumpp, with an extra 'p'.  The Schump family name in Kirk's pedigree can be traced back to the 1700's in the Alsace-Lorraine area of France.  The first United States recording of the family is 1839 in Downer's Grove, Illinois.

Kirk's Schump lineage is:
His Mother
Bertrand Corcoran
Helen Schmitt Corcoran
Barbara Schump (1846-1899)
Georg Heinrich 'Henry'Schump (Abt 1799-1888)
Ignatius Schump (Abt 1766-?)
Johann Jacob Schump (1738-?)
Ignatius Schump (1708-1802)
Mathaus Schump (?-1735/6)

Do you have Schump lineage?  Leave a comment sharing it with others, please.

Family Platter-Treasure Chest Thursday

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The platter above is one of my favorite family treasures.  It belonged to Kirk's Grandma LeynDyke.  I don't know a lot about it, but I love the colors and the trim design.  The blue and white reminds me of Delft china, which is Dutch.  This isn't Delft, it is Royal Sometuke Nippon.

The back markings are Royal Sometuke Nippon.  This backstamp identifies it as one that was made for the Japanese Domestic Market starting in 1906.  Nellie LeynDyke was born in 1896, married in 1917, and died in 1984.

I don't know when Kirk's grandmother bought/received this but I know it has graced many Thanksgiving tables in our house for years.  I guess I better put this on my to do list to learn more about.

Dutch Career Words: Tuesday's Tip

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Some of the records I have found from The Netherlands have included the occupation of the person researched.  Of course, these words are in Dutch.  Here is a short list of Dutch Career Words that I have come across and their translation.

Career:  loopbaun

Baker:  bakker or broudbakker
Baker's assistant:  bakkersknecht
Bookseller:  boekhandelaar
Brewer of beer:  bierbrouwer
Cattle Farmer:  koehouder or veehoulder
Chaplain:  kapelaan
Clergy/Minister:  predikant
Cook:  kok
Driver:  chauffeur
Farm hand:  boerenknecht
Female labourer:  arbeidster or werkvrouw
Florist:  bloemist
Housewife:  huisvrouw
Innkeeper:  herbergier
Lace worker:  kantwerkster
Lawyer:  advocaat
Maid-Servant:  dienstbode ordienstmeid 
Male hand servant:  dienstknecht
Male labourer:  arbeider or werkman
Mechanic:  monteur
Miller:  molenaar
Pharmacist:  apotheker
Physician:  heelmeester
Self employed Person:  particulier(e)
Servant:  bediende
Sheriff:  schepen
Soldier:  milicien or soldaat
Teacher:  onderwizer
Worker in Polder:  polderwerker

Revolutionary War Soldier Andrew Dollaway-Military Monday

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Andrew Dollaway was a soldier in the Revolutionary War for a period of nine months.  I found his widow's pension file at  Page two of the file contains information about his service.  A transcription is below.

New York 5042
Hannah Dollaway
Widow of Andrew Dollaway
was a pensioner under the Act of March 1818
and who died on the 27 May 1826
of Dutchess Co. in the state of N york
who was a Private in the company commanded
by Captain ___________ of the regt. commanded
by Col. Van Schank in the N. york
for 9 months

? in the Roll of New York
the rate of 30 dollars __________ cents per annum
commence on the 4th day of March. 1836.

Certificate of Pension issued the 15 day of February
1840 and sent to ? Armstrong
Newburgh, N. Y.

Arrears to the 4th of Sep '39                             105.00
Semi=annual allowance ending in Mar'40     15.00

Act July 7
Recorded by D. Brown    Clerk
Book A  Vol. 2. Page 75

My Notes:  Hannah Dollaway was Andrew's wife.  Her maiden name was Van Amburgh.  They were married in 1783.

The Necessity of Canning and Preserving Food-Grandma Dollaway's Recipes

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Francis (Denny) Dollaway's Canning and Preserving Recipe Book Cover Page

There has been a recent resurgence of canning and preserving food in America.  Francis Dollaway knew canning and preserving as a way of life.  It was a necessary skill to have if you wanted food to be available and to prevent spoilage.

Francis lived from 1866-1955 in rural Michigan.  She was married in 1885.  I am sure she did an enormous amount of canning for her family of seven because refrigeration as we know it wasn't available until the 1920's, and then not everyone had it.

Refrigeration using ice was around by the 1900's.  Other methods of keeping food cold was the use of cellars.  Some were dug in the ground and other's would be in the basement of the home.  I imagine in Michigan a few were packed with snow during the winter months.  Many women of this generation used canning and preserving instead.

Francis Dollaway was one of them and I have copies of her recipes.  I wrote about the origins of Grandma Dollaway's cookbooks here.  The first cookbook was a general book of recipes.  The second one is all on canning and preserving.  This book of recipes includes recipes for pickles, relishes, hash, pickled fruit, jam, jelly, marmalade, preserves and canned potatoes.

Here is one for Elderberry Jelly.  I wonder if Grandma Dollaway had elderberries on her property along the river in Lowell, Michigan.  Check out the directions on how to boil it!

Elderberry Jelly
3 c. fresh elderberry Juice
       (about 4 lbs. ripe berries)
7 1/2 c sugar
1/2 c lemon juice
1 bottle pectin

Remove large stems from berries, place in a kettle & crush.  Heat gently until juice starts to flow, cover & simmer 15 minutes.  Strain out the juice.  Mix sugar, juice & lemon juice & bring to a boil over hottish fire.  As soon as it boils add the pectin, stirring constantly.  Bring to a rolling boil and boil hard 1/2 minute.  Remove from fire, skim and pour into hot sterilized glasses.  Cover with parafin at once.

Cornelius Luyendyk and Nellie van den Bos: Wedding Wednesday

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Once I discovered the name of Kirk's great grandfather, Cornelius Luyendyk, I wanted to find as much information as I could about him.  Cornelius' son, Peter LeynDyke, didn't remember much about his father. Peter was five at the time of his father's death.

The first place I looked was in the U.S. Federal Census records for Cornelius Luyendyk.  Not as easy of a task as you might imagine, the spelling of Luyendyk was all over the place.  Once I discovered he was living in Kent County from 1880 until his death in 1900, Kirk and I planned a trip to the county clerk's office in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  One of the records I found was the marriage record of Cornelius Linedyk and Nellie Bush.  Below is the transcription of that record.

 Marriage Record
Cornelius Linedyk and Nellie Bush

Found at Kent County Clerk Office, Grand Rapids,  MI
Book 11 Page 131  License # 7167

Cornelius Linedyk
Gaines Township
New York
Peter Linedyk
Jessie Masdam
Nellie Bush
Kent County
Martin Bush

Date of Marriage:  November 17, 1893
Place of Marriage:  Dorr Center, Allegan County

Correct Spelling of the Names:
Cornelius Linedyk:  Cornelius Luyendyk or Luijendijk in The Netherlands
Nellie Bush:  Neeltje Cornelia "Nellie" van den Bos

Peter Linedyk:  Pieter Luyendyk or Luijendijk
Jessie Masdam:  Jaapje Maasdam

Martin Bush:  Marinus"Martin" van den Bos

Nellie's mother was Lena Quist, which isn't recorded on the record.

Martin and Lena (Quist) van den Bos: Tombstone Tuesday

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Martin van den Bos and Lena Quist van den Bos are buried in Oakhill Cemetery, 647 Hall St. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They are in Block 11 Lot 80.  It is on the north end by the fence row, 8 rows from the maintenance building.

Martin van den Bos and Lena Quist were married 28 February 1877 in Sint Philipsland, Zeeland, Netherlands.  They lived in Grand Rapids from the time of their immigration in 1881 until their death.

Martin and Lena van den Bos are Kirk's great, great grandparents.

Nellie VanOeveren LeynDyke: Sunday's Obituary

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Nellie LeynDyke
     Nellie LeynDyke, 97, Bradenton,
died May 31, 1994.
     She was born June 11, 1896, in
Grand Rapids, Mich., and moved to
Bradenton 33 years ago from Flint,
Mich.  She was a homemaker and a 
member of Bayshore Community
     Survivors include a daughter,
Betty M. Clark of Sarasota; two
sons, John E. of San Diego, Calif.,
and James M. of Hernando; a sister
Lois Wood of Grand Blanc, Mich., a
brother Russell VanOveren of
Grand Rapids; 14 grandchildren; 23 
great-grandchildren, 14 great-
great grandchildren and one great-
great-great grandchild.
     Services will be at 10:00 a.m. Friday
at Manasota Memorial Funeral 
Home.  Burial will be in Manasota 
Memorial Park.

Nellie VanOeveren LeynDyke is Kirk's paternal grandmother.

Arcade News in Grand Rapids, Michigan-Those Thursday Places

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Arcade News Matchbook Cover
Found on ebay.

Kirk's grandfather, Bertrand F. Corcoran, was the owner of Arcade News, 16 Arcade, Grand Rapids, Michigan in the 1940's.  Arcade News was a two story business that sold tobacco products.  But, that wasn't all it was.  

One time while visiting Kirk's grandmother, Bert's wife, Kirk asked her what type of store his Grandpa used to own.  Her reply, ''oh, that was a front, honey."  I nearly laughed out loud.  While we knew about his 'business' it was funny to hear a ninety year old woman call it that.

The Arcade News was a front for a numbers business.  Numbers is a form of illegal lottery/gambling operation.  The numbers business took place on the second floor.  There was a separate entrance for this.  Bert had a Grand Rapids police officer on the payroll.  This officer informed Bert of when raids were going to take place so that Bert could clean everything up before the raid.  I am not sure how long Bert owned Arcade News.  I will have to put it on my to do list to research more.

16 Arcade was located between Pearl and Lyon Streets in downtown Grand Rapids.  Do you know anything about Arcade News?   Please share in the comments section.     

Jack and Helen (Corcoran) Nelson-Tombstone Tuesday

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MAY 27 1929   DEC 10 2007

SEP 20 1929   JAN 13 2012

Jack L. Nelson and Helen E. Nelson nee Corcoran are buried in Fort Custer National Cemetery, Augusta, Michigan.  Helen Corcoran Nelson is the daughter of Bertrand F. Corcoran and Leona (Dollaway) Corcoran.  

They are buried in Section , Row O, Grave 568.