Revolutionary War Soldier Andrew Dollaway-Military Monday

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Andrew Dollaway was a soldier in the Revolutionary War for a period of nine months.  I found his widow's pension file at  Page two of the file contains information about his service.  A transcription is below.

New York 5042
Hannah Dollaway
Widow of Andrew Dollaway
was a pensioner under the Act of March 1818
and who died on the 27 May 1826
of Dutchess Co. in the state of N york
who was a Private in the company commanded
by Captain ___________ of the regt. commanded
by Col. Van Schank in the N. york
for 9 months

? in the Roll of New York
the rate of 30 dollars __________ cents per annum
commence on the 4th day of March. 1836.

Certificate of Pension issued the 15 day of February
1840 and sent to ? Armstrong
Newburgh, N. Y.

Arrears to the 4th of Sep '39                             105.00
Semi=annual allowance ending in Mar'40     15.00

Act July 7
Recorded by D. Brown    Clerk
Book A  Vol. 2. Page 75

My Notes:  Hannah Dollaway was Andrew's wife.  Her maiden name was Van Amburgh.  They were married in 1783.


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