Dutch Career Words: Tuesday's Tip

Author: Brenda Leyndyke / Labels: ,

Some of the records I have found from The Netherlands have included the occupation of the person researched.  Of course, these words are in Dutch.  Here is a short list of Dutch Career Words that I have come across and their translation.

Career:  loopbaun

Baker:  bakker or broudbakker
Baker's assistant:  bakkersknecht
Bookseller:  boekhandelaar
Brewer of beer:  bierbrouwer
Cattle Farmer:  koehouder or veehoulder
Chaplain:  kapelaan
Clergy/Minister:  predikant
Cook:  kok
Driver:  chauffeur
Farm hand:  boerenknecht
Female labourer:  arbeidster or werkvrouw
Florist:  bloemist
Housewife:  huisvrouw
Innkeeper:  herbergier
Lace worker:  kantwerkster
Lawyer:  advocaat
Maid-Servant:  dienstbode ordienstmeid 
Male hand servant:  dienstknecht
Male labourer:  arbeider or werkman
Mechanic:  monteur
Miller:  molenaar
Pharmacist:  apotheker
Physician:  heelmeester
Self employed Person:  particulier(e)
Servant:  bediende
Sheriff:  schepen
Soldier:  milicien or soldaat
Teacher:  onderwizer
Worker in Polder:  polderwerker


Peter said...

Brenda, to avoid translation problems I hope you don't mind that I correct a few typo's:
Career: loopbaan
Baker: ... or broodbakker
Cattle farmer: ... or veehouder
Sheriff: schout (a "schepen" is an alderman)
Teacher: onderwijzer

Brenda Leyndyke said...

Peter, Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for providing the correct information. I appreciate your help.

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