Cornelius Luyendyk and Nellie van den Bos: Wedding Wednesday

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Once I discovered the name of Kirk's great grandfather, Cornelius Luyendyk, I wanted to find as much information as I could about him.  Cornelius' son, Peter LeynDyke, didn't remember much about his father. Peter was five at the time of his father's death.

The first place I looked was in the U.S. Federal Census records for Cornelius Luyendyk.  Not as easy of a task as you might imagine, the spelling of Luyendyk was all over the place.  Once I discovered he was living in Kent County from 1880 until his death in 1900, Kirk and I planned a trip to the county clerk's office in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  One of the records I found was the marriage record of Cornelius Linedyk and Nellie Bush.  Below is the transcription of that record.

 Marriage Record
Cornelius Linedyk and Nellie Bush

Found at Kent County Clerk Office, Grand Rapids,  MI
Book 11 Page 131  License # 7167

Cornelius Linedyk
Gaines Township
New York
Peter Linedyk
Jessie Masdam
Nellie Bush
Kent County
Martin Bush

Date of Marriage:  November 17, 1893
Place of Marriage:  Dorr Center, Allegan County

Correct Spelling of the Names:
Cornelius Linedyk:  Cornelius Luyendyk or Luijendijk in The Netherlands
Nellie Bush:  Neeltje Cornelia "Nellie" van den Bos

Peter Linedyk:  Pieter Luyendyk or Luijendijk
Jessie Masdam:  Jaapje Maasdam

Martin Bush:  Marinus"Martin" van den Bos

Nellie's mother was Lena Quist, which isn't recorded on the record.


Peter said...

My comment is probably superfluous but do you know that the mother of Marinus van den Bos and the father of Lena Quist both have the same surname: Quist?

Brenda Leyndyke said...

Thanks Peter for the comment, I appreciate it as you never know what might help. Yes, I did know that. Marinus' mother was Neeltje Quist and Lena's father was Johannis Quist. I haven't found the parents of Johannis Quist yet so I don't know if/how they may be related. Keeping the Quist's straightened out makes genealogy interesting though.

Peter said...

According to the mother of Johannis Quist was Adriana Quist, his father is unknown. Thus he has his mother's surname.
The parents of Machelina van Vossen are Jan van Vossen and Jannetje Goudzwaart. Based on the year of birth of Machelina (approx 1829), they were born around 1800.
Please note that GenLias will probably cease to exist eff. Nov. 1 next. There is a beta version of its successor Eventually there is supposed to be a version in English.

Brenda Leyndyke said...

Peter, thank you so much for the information. I use genlias and must have missed that record. Oh no! genlias is no longer going to be available. That is one of my top 5 Dutch research sites. Thanks for the link to the new one. I guess I better learn how to read Dutch!

Peter said...

Hi Brenda,
on a Dutch site dealing 16th century trade with the Russian port of Archangel I found a reference to a Pieter Jansz Luyendyck from Hoorn (prov. North Holland). He was the skipper of the Sint Pieter when he sailed to Archangel on May 17, 1595. The site is It is partly in English as well.

Brenda Leyndyke said...

Peter, thank you for the information. I will have to check the website out. How fun if I could figure out the connection to Kirk's Luijendijk's.

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