Arcade News in Grand Rapids, Michigan-Those Thursday Places

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Arcade News Matchbook Cover
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Kirk's grandfather, Bertrand F. Corcoran, was the owner of Arcade News, 16 Arcade, Grand Rapids, Michigan in the 1940's.  Arcade News was a two story business that sold tobacco products.  But, that wasn't all it was.  

One time while visiting Kirk's grandmother, Bert's wife, Kirk asked her what type of store his Grandpa used to own.  Her reply, ''oh, that was a front, honey."  I nearly laughed out loud.  While we knew about his 'business' it was funny to hear a ninety year old woman call it that.

The Arcade News was a front for a numbers business.  Numbers is a form of illegal lottery/gambling operation.  The numbers business took place on the second floor.  There was a separate entrance for this.  Bert had a Grand Rapids police officer on the payroll.  This officer informed Bert of when raids were going to take place so that Bert could clean everything up before the raid.  I am not sure how long Bert owned Arcade News.  I will have to put it on my to do list to research more.

16 Arcade was located between Pearl and Lyon Streets in downtown Grand Rapids.  Do you know anything about Arcade News?   Please share in the comments section.     


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