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Current Day Map of Sint Philipsland, Zeeland, Netherlands

Sint Philipsland is located in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands.  It is the name of the village where many of Kirk's van den Bos ancestors lived.  The village of Sint Philipsland was founded in 1645.

1866 Map of Sint Philipsland, Netherlands

Neeltje Cornelia van den Bos, Kirk's great grandmother was born in Sint Philipsland in 1877.  I have traced the van den Bos family to the 1700's in Sint Philipsland.  Other ancestor's surnames include Nelisse, Quist, van Oostende, Verwijs, de Zutter, and de Groene.  These surnames are from Sint Philipsland, Netherlands, too. 

Christian Reformed Church, Sint Philipsland, Netherlands

The Christian Reformed Church in Sint Philipsland, Netherlands was built in 1668.  Kirk's ancestors were of the Christian Reformed faith.

The above map of The Netherlands shows where the van den Bos name can be found today.  The darker the color the more people with the van den Bos name living in that area.  Sint Philipsland is to the left of the arrow.


Peter said...

It may be of interest to you that as of today the city archive of the community of Tholen, which includes Sint Philipsland, has its own website: It specializes in data going back to before 1811.
I have also taken the liberty of adding the 6 surnames you mention in this post, to my blog

Brenda Leyndyke said...

Thank you Peter. I always appreciate your input as researching from the United States has its' challenges. Thank you for the link for the Tholen Archives. I will be checking that out for sure.

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