End of Year Blogging Fun

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I have been writing Journey to His Past for less than a year.  I have enjoyed sharing my husband's family with you.  Kirk's ancestry has taken me to states and countries that I haven't researched with my family.  As the new year approaches I thought I would share a few fun things with you.

The Top 3 Blog Posts were:

  1. Dutch Naming Tendencies
  2. Luijendijk to Luyendyk to Leyn Dyke to Leyndyke
  3. Timothy Francis Corcoran and Helen Smith Marriage License.
  1. Google
  2. Geneabloggers Thank you, Thomas!
Top Keyword Searches
  1. I was ready to research.  So was I.  This is the number one search term.  Interesting.
  2. Leyndyke James.  This could be my father in law or brother in law.  What would you like to know? 
  3. St. Philipsland Netherlands Cemeteries.  Kirk has ancestors from St. Philipsland, but I don't have an cemetery information available, yet.  Sorry.
  4. Lena van den Bos.  Yes, I have written about Lena van den Bos.  She is Kirk's great, great grandmother.  Contact me, please.  I love making new family connections.
Pageviews by Countries-Top 3
  1. United States
  2. Netherlands-Yay! 
  3. Russia



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