Where o' Where is Abraham Van Oeveren? Mystery Monday

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I am posting this under Mystery Monday, but it could be under the Madness Monday theme.  I have been trying for the past five years to find Abraham Van Oeveren in the 1880 and 1910 United States Census records.  Short of going through the Grand Rapids census pages one by one, I have looked and looked.  I have been known to look through page by page, but it is usually a much smaller area to look at.  I am guessing my inability to locate them is due to the last name and how it was transcribed.  I even searched for him using each of his children's names.

This is what I know:

  • Abraham Van Oeveren was born to Abraham and Neeltje (de Bruin) Van Oeveren in 1865 in the Netherlands.
  • The family came to the United States around 1871.
  • Abraham Van Oeveren married Janna 'Jennie' Kosten in 1885, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Abraham and Jennie had six children:  Ada in 1890; Nellie in 1896; Jeanie in 1902; Abraham 'Bud' in 1905; Lois in 1911; and Edward 'Russ' in 1915.
  • Abraham can be found in the 1900, 1920, and 1930 Census living in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Abraham you can hide for the time being, but I will find you.  My next step is to search for Abraham using Grand Rapids City Directories to narrow down where he lived.  At least then I will have an idea of what part of Grand Rapids to look for.

Do you have a census record you have been looking for awhile? 


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