Happy Birthday, James M. Leyndyke!

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James Marvin Leyndyke
Age Unknown-Taken in the late 1920's
James is the son of Peter and Nellie (VanOeveren) Leyndyke

Kirk's father, James Marvin Leyndyke, is celebrating a birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Jim!  

Kirk and I are blessed that he is still in our lives.  He is a very special part of the family.  Jim is the 'go to' guy for fix it up advice.  He has incredible wood working skills.  We have many cherished items that Jim has made bookcases, benches, shelves, toys and more.  

When his grandchildren were younger, he would make wooden toys for them.  We saved every one of them.  Some of the items he made for our family include:  a cradle, a doll cradle, doll house, an adorable duck peg hanger, a pouting chair, a train, a puzzle truck, and the most fabulous rocking horse.  He made a rocking horse for each of his four children's family.

I remember our daughter, Kirsten, was almost two when Jim and Betty came for a visit.  Kirsten  was standing at the front window, her eyes barely able to see out the window.  Jim and Betty pulled in the driveway and out came this rocking horse from the back of their truck.  Kirsten squealed, and I mean squealed!  She couldn't get outside fast enough to see them (and the rocking horse.)  It was precious.

Kirsten, enjoying the rocking horse.

That rocking horse became beloved.  Both of my children, Kirsten and Travis, rode it.  They rode it so much they loosened the head of it.  Of course, Jim was there to fix it.  Currently, the rocking horse in in the family room waiting for others to use it.

Here a few pictures depicting the life of James M. Leyndyke:

James' high school graduation picture:  
James M. Leyndyke graduated from Flint Central High School, Flint, Michigan.

James M. Leyndyke entered the U.S. Navy, in the fall of 1944.  He served his country in World War II and the Korean War.  

James M. Leyndyke and his brother, John, in 1950.  James married Elizabeth Corcoran on 24 July 1950 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

James and Elizabeth Leyndyke in 1951 with their first born twins.  James is holding Kirk Anthony and Betty is holding Karen Anne.  Jim and Betty had four children:  Kirk, Karen, James Alan, and Joanne Kay.

Jim and Betty enjoying their retirement.

I hope you are having the best birthday ever, Jim.  Happy Birthday and thanks for all you have done for the Leyndyke family.



Peter said...

Happy birthday from Holland, Jim. And many happy returns!

Brenda Leyndyke said...

Thanks, Peter. We celebrated with a cake on Friday.

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