DeGan/DeGanne: Surname Saturday

Author: Brenda Leyndyke / Labels: ,

The DeGan/DeGanne surname can be found on Kirk's maternal side of the family.  The spelling of the surname has evolved through the years.  It started in France as Gueneau, then Gane, DeGanne and DeGan.  The DeGan family in Kirk's family originated in France, migrated to Quebec in the early 1700's.  The first of Kirk's ancestors to arrive in the United States was Amable 'Seraphim' DeGanne, living in Onondaga County, New York.  Eventually, Seraphim's daughter, Adelia, migrated to Lowell, Kent, Michigan.

Kirk's DeGan/DeGanne lineage is:

His mother
His grandmother, Leona Dollaway Corcoran
Francis Denny Dollaway
Adelia DeGan Denny
Amable Seraphim DeGan
Jean-Baptiste DeGanne
Jean Baptiste DeGanne
Joseph Francois Gane
Francois Gane
Germain Gane
Jean Gueneau

More research is needed on this side of the family.  I guess it is time to research more French Canadian records.


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