Nellie Kennedy: Tombstone Tuesday

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The above card is in the possession of Kirk's Aunt Betty.  She was kind enough to send an envelope of genealogical related things to us and I scanned them and sent them back.  It wasn't until I saw this location card that I knew what cemetery Kirk's great grandmother was buried in.

Nellie Kennedy was Neeltje Cornelia 'Nellie' van den Bos.  She was born 29 July 1877 in St. Philipsland, Zeeland, Netherlands.  She was the daughter of Marinus 'Martin' van den Bos and Lena Nellie Quist. 

Nellie van den Bos married 1) Cornelius Luyendyk on 17 November 1893 in Dorr Center, Allegan, Michigan.  2) Addison B. Kennedy on 16 March 1903 in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan.

The family believed she was buried in Chicago, but never knew for sure.  One weekend while visiting my daughter, Kirsten, who lives in Chicago, Kirk and I decided to go to Mount Greenwood Cemetery.  It is located at 2900 W. 111th Street, Chicago, Illinois.  It is in the southwestern part of Chicago. 

Nellie's location card stated that she was buried in Lot 2, Section 15, Tier 19, Grave 1.  Finding Section 15 was easy with the use of the above map.  The tiers were well-marked with stone numbers at the edge of the road.  Kirk and I found Section 15-Tier 19, but no gravestone.  We did find a grassy area that we presumed was her grave.  Did her grave get covered with grass?  We didn't have anything to check for a buried tombstone and the office was closed, so we left disappointed.  I emailed Mount Greenwood and discovered there never was a gravestone purchased for Nellie Kennedy.  If I had a lot of disposable income I would love to purchase one for Nellie.

Nellie Kennedy died 22 August 1910, at the age of 33, from consumption(tuberculosis).  She had been sick for four months.  She left two children, Peter LeynDyke age 15, and Janie Haviland Kennedy age 3.  Another daughter, Lena Marie Luyendyk, died in March of 1910, just five months before her mother, of pneumonia.  Could her death have contributed to Nellie's sickness and eventual death? 


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