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Kirk's ancestors settled in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan.  Many of his ancestors are buried within the city of Grand Rapids.  If you have ancestors buried in Grand Rapids City cemeteries then you will want to take a look at the Grand Rapids City Cemeteries website.  Here you can search by name and you will be taken to a separate page with information on the individual you searched for.  I found it helpful to search just by last name too.

The city of Grand Rapids owns six cemeteries in the city.  Clicking on the names below will take you to a map for each cemetery.  Once you have searched and located the name you can go here to find the exact location.  They are:

  1. Fairplains  2056 Diamond, NE
  2. Fulton Street  801 Fulton, NE
  3. Greenwood  1401 Leonard, NW
  4. Oakgrove  1401 28th Street, SE
  5. Oakhill North and Oakhill South  647 Hall Street, SE
  6. Woodlawn East and  Woodlawn West  2530 Kalamazoo SE
Screenshot of Grand Rapids Cemetery Search for Kosten
Jennie Kosten highlighted:  (Name:  Kosten, Jennie  Date of Death:  05/08/1919)

Screenshot of Information for Jennie Kosten

Jennie Kosten

Grand Rapids City Cemeteries

Name:Jennie Kosten
Date of Birth:00/00/0000
Location:Grand Rapids City Cemeteries
Lot :161
Space :3
Place of birth:
Gender: F
Veteran: N
Place of death:
Date of death: 05/08/1919
Spouse name:
Father name:
Mother name:
Funeral director: Funeral Home, Keukelaar
Service date: 05/12/1919
Cremated: N
Relation to owner:

You can see, above, the type of information you can find on this website.  I had her date of death so that helped me identify the right Jennie Kosten.  I learned the cemetery, location of gravesite, and funeral home.  This was all new information to me.

Jennie Kosten is Kirk's great, great grandmother.  She was born Jennie Jansen, the daughter of  Pieter Jansen and Johanna Maat.  She married Adrian Kosten in Wolphaartsdijk, Zeeland, Netherlands, in 1856.  They immigrated to the United States in 1873.  Jennie Kosten died in the Holland Home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I was unable to find a burial record for her husband, Adrian Kosten.


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