Wilcox Park Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Wilcox Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan
 Kirk or his brother, Jim on the slide, at Wilcox Park Playground

Kirk at Wilcox Park's Skating Rink

The two pictures above are of Kirk at Wilcox Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Wilcox Park is at 100 Youell Avenue in Grand Rapids.  It was just a couple of blocks from Kirk's childhood home.  Kirk tells stories about the neighborhood friends going there and hanging out and playing at the park.  Kirk and his friends, Tommy D., Joey L., Dickie F, and Tom S. would play baseball, play in the creek, and in the winter they would ice skate.  Wilcox Park is still a vital part of the neighborhood today.  They even have a Facebook page!

 Wilcox Park, Summer 2012


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