Grandma Dollaway's Chop Suey-Family Recipe Friday

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Chop suey
1 lb Beef  4 onions
1 stalk celery ground
together put a large piece
of lard in the pan let it
get hot then add the Beef
onions & celery  cook 15
minutes covered
then season with salt
pepper & teaspoon sugar
cook 15 minutes longer
have some rice cooked
and add 1 large cup
full cook 5 minutes

The Chop Suey recipe, above, is from Francis Denny Dollaway's book of handwritten recipes.  I wrote about the origins of the recipes here.

I love recipes, the older the better.  This recipe for Chop Suey is totally different than any I have seen.  It has four main ingredients, beef, onion, celery and rice.  I am not sure what is meant by 1 stalk celery ground together.  Did Frances Dollaway grind the beef, onion and celery together?   I am sure that Frances Dollaway used the ingredients that were readily available at the time.  I doubt she shopped where they had an oriental section in the market, like we do now.  Bean sprouts, water chestnuts, and mushrooms probably weren't easy to purchase.

Chop Suey is Kirk's favorite food.  I wonder what he would say if I used this recipe!


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