Maasdam: Surname Saturday

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The Maasdam surname can be traced back to the middle of the 17th century in the Netherlands.  Maasdam means the dam in the river Maas.  It comes from the village of Maasdam in the Hoekse Waard(island formed by polders) polder (part of land below sea level that is surrounded by dykes) in the Province of South Holland.

Some of the Maasdam family settled in Owasco, Cayuga, New York, immigrating in the mid 1800's.  Jaapje Maasdam, who married Pieter Luijendijk, immigrated in 1849 to Owasco.  From here Pieter and Jaapje moved to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  Jaapje's brother, Johannes, stayed in the Owasco area and many Maasdam/Marsden live there today.

Kirk's Maasdam ancestry is:
  • Kirk
  • His Dad
  • Peter Leyn Dyke (1894-1991)
  • Cornelius Luyendyk (1859-1900)
  • Jaapje Maasdam Luijendijk (1823-1900)
  • Bastiaan Maasdam (1786-1843)
  • Cornelis Maasdam (1755-1794)
  • Gerrit Maasdam (1708-1764)
  • Hendrik Gerrits Maasdam (1675-1736)
  • Gerrit Pieters Maasdam (1624-1683)
  • Pieter Aryens Maasdam (1600-)
  • Arien Lenertszn Maasdam (1565-1644)
  • Lenert Janszoon (1530-1600)
  • Jan
For more information on the Maasdam family check out Tom deMeijer's website, The Maasdam Family.


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