Andrew Dollaway Revolutionary War Soldier from New York

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Today the United States is celebrating Independence Day and I thought it would be fitting to showcase a revolutionary war soldier:  Andrew Dollaway.

Kirk's 4x great grandfather, Andrew Dollaway, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  Kirk has always enjoyed the history of that time period so I decided to dig a little deeper and see what I could find. 

I found Andrew Dollaway on the New York in the Revolution-New York Line, Fourth Regiment List, online.  Next, I went to my favorite local library-Helen Warner Branch of Willard Library and found "Abstract of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Volume 1: A-E.  Andrew Dollaway was found on page 996.

It stated:

DOLLAWAY, Andrew, Hannah, W16238, NY Line, sol appl 1 Mar 1819 Dutchess Cty Ny a res of Fishkill NY, in 1820 sol was aged 58 with a wife aged 55 and a daughter aged 13 and a son aged 9, sol d 27 May 1826, wid appl 31 Oct 1839 Dutchess Cty Ny age 71 on 4 Dec 1838, sol had m Hannah Van Amburgh 4 Nov 1783, wid was b  in Amsterdam Holland, children shown were:  William b 8 Nov 1785, Elisabeth b 20 mar 1788, Maryan b 15 Apr 1790, Sary b 11 Aug 1790 and d in Oct 1793, 3 or 4 births were illegible, Carlain b 14 Jan 1807 and Isaac b 29 Nov 1810

This application was a wealth of information.  It gave me Andrew's death date.  It provided his wife's maiden name, birthdate and birthplace.  It shows the names of their children with birth dates.  I was happy because it gave me enough information to research the family further.  Kirk's 3x great grandfather is the Isaac mentioned above.

The last thing I did was to check Heritage Quest, which I was able to access from my home with my library card number.  I found his pension file there.  I transcribed the 12 page document to make it easier to read.  Some of the information provided had to do with his service record and pay.  I will be sharing more in future posts. 

I found that Andrew did not own property and had to list his personal estate.  Imagine having to do this today.  It would take me quite awhile to count the things in my kitchen let alone the whole house.  This was the inventory provided:

6 chairs                                                                 6 pint bowls                                      1 pair and irons

1 dresser                                                             1 pail                                                    1 shovel and tongs

6 tablespoons                                                    6 knives and forks                              1 trammel

6 teaspoons                                                       2 iron pots                                           1 chest/wash tub

6 tea cups and saucers                                   1 griddle                                                1 meat cask

9 plates                                                              1 frying pan                                         1 bread tray

1 ½ gallon jug                                                     1 Iron tea kettle                                1 ax

1 earthen pot                                                    1 sugar dish                                        1 tin pail

1 tea pot                                                              1 linen wheel

I am proud that my children have a Revolutionary War Hero in their ancestry.  Happy 4th of July, everyone.


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