50 Years of Marriage in 1876-Seraphim and Adelaide DeGanne

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186 years ago today Amable Seraphim (DeGanne) DeGan and Adelaide Ducharme Tetreau were married in Quebec, Canada.  They celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1876.  An article in The Daily Courier on 28 April 1876 reported the occassion.   This well written article made you feel like you were there.  I did find it interesting that Adelaide was never mentioned by name.

Golden Wedding.

Fifty years ago yesterday our well known

citizen, Mr. Seraphan DeGan, led to the altar;

a bride of eighteen years, and promised, just

as lovers of to-day promise, to share tbe joys

and sorrows of life with the partner of his

choice. How well the vow made before the

clergyman has been kept during the many

eventful years since that happy 27tb of April,

1826, was shown last evening In the

Britoher Block, where the aged but uprightly

couple were surrounded by their children and

grandchildren-—a sight that is seldom witnessed

in this age when death and divorce combine their

forces to break the silken cord of wedlock.

Thirteen children were the fruit of their marriage,

of whom ten are now living.

Tbey are Heury DeGan, of Chicago;

S. A. DeGan, the well known and

popular carpet man In the store of M. S.

Price; John DeGan, of the firm of Whit more

& DeGan; Joseph and Ed. DeGan, of this city,

aud Louis DeGan. of New York; Mrs. Denny,

Mrs. Hossler, Mrs. Gotie and Mrs. Cousnio.

Besides the above, the aged couple have sixty-nine

grand children and twenty-nine great

grand children—quite a large family. The

relatives present at the reception, old and

young, numbered about fifty. At eight o'clock

supper was announced in the large dining hall,

and the bill of fare contained everything that

the palate of the most fastidious epicurean

could wish for. In the centre of the table was

a fine wedding cake, on the top of which wore

tho significant figures, " 1826—1876," the

tempting " loaf " being surrounded by a myrtle


After all had feasted to their hearts' content,

the cloths were removed and a few hours passed

away very pleasantly In conversation, interspersed

with vocal and instrumental music

Mr. E. DeGan sung several pretty airs, while

the duets of Miss Jennie and Master Horton

Warner were superb. Miss Warner seemed to

be perfectly "at home" at either the piano or


Tbe company separated at eleven o'clock,

each wishing that the aged couple may live to

reach the half-mile post In the next Centennial


(Amable-Seraphim DeGanne and Adelaide Ducharme Tetreau are Kirk's maternal 3rd great grandparents.)


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