Antiquing for Genealogy in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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 City Antiques, 945 Fulton SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan

 Storefront Window of City Antiques

Wouldn't you be ecstatic to walk into an antique store in your ancestor's hometown and find a picture of him or her hanging on the wall?  I know I would be.  I was hoping that might happen when we visited City Antiques at 945 Fulton SE, in Grand Rapids.  Kirk has many ancestors that lived in the Grand Rapids area. 

City Antiques has the usual inventory of antique home goods, jewelry and furniture. In addition, it has a wonderful selection of vintage photographs, many arranged on the walls in frames.  Boxes of photographs are available to look through, too.  Some even had names on the back of the pictures.  Area school yearbooks were here as well.  Unfortunately, we didn't find anything pertaining to Kirk's family.

Another area of interest at City Antiques is the curio cabinets of local interest.  My husband and I were hoping that we might find some trinket from Bert Corcoran's store, Arcade News.  Memorabilia was in stock for some of the historic Grand Rapids businesses, but none for Arcade News.

I like to visit antique stores when I am on a research jaunt and City Antiques is one of the better ones.  Even if you do not find your relative, you will find pieces of history pertaining to the area your ancestor lived in and that can be a find in itself.

Framed vintage photographs, many labeled, hanging at City Antiques.  
The photo's go all the way to the bottom of the stairs.


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