Tuesday's Tip-Dutch Pronunciation Help

Author: Brenda Leyndyke / Labels: , ,

Have you ever wondered how a word was pronounced in Dutch or have you wanted to learn the Dutch language?  I have found a wonderful website to help you with both of these things.  I know I have needed help a few times in researching my father-in-law's ancestry as it is 100% Dutch.

I turn to Marco Schuffelen's Hear Dutch Here website for help, which is an excellent Dutch language resource.  The site map page provides an overview of what is available on this website.  Below are a few of the Dutch language topics one will find on this site.

  • First and Last Names
  • Historical Maps
  • Place Names of towns, cities, etc.
  • Old New York
  • Dutch in Sports
  • Tulip Names
  • And more
In addition, one will find the following topics at Hear Dutch Here:
  • Lessons
    • vowels
    • colors
    • time, day, months
    • verbs
    • adjectives
    • and more
  • Everyday Dutch Words
  • Vocabulary Words
The next time you need help translating a document or you would like to hear how your great grandmother, Neeltje, is pronounced, check out Hear Dutch Here website.


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