My Top 5 Dutch Research Websites

Author: Brenda Leyndyke / Labels:

Do you have Dutch ancestry?  If so, you will want to be aware of these great resources available online.  I refer to them often when researching Kirk's dutch ancestry.

1.  Genlias:  This website provides birth, marriage, and death records from civil registers in the Netherlands.  This is a broad based database from archives across the Netherlands.  A list of the archives can be found on this site.  For English speaking researchers, be sure to click 'English' in the upper right corner.  To get started searching, click 'Searching in Genlias'.  Help for searching is available under this tab, also.  Good luck!  And don't blame me if you get so involved in your searching you lose track of time.  I have had many two am nights because of this website.

Updated February 2013.  Genlias is no longer available, but a new website has taken its' place:

WieWasWie:  This website has replaced the Genlias website.  At this time (February 2013) there is not an option for English.  I used Google translate to help navigate the site.  This site is a database of Netherlands vital records that are from various record groups in Netherlands.  To get started, enter a name in the Find People blue search box or use the advanced search option.  The participating archives is greater in number than at the old genlias site.  I would recommend this as the starting place for your Dutch research

2.  Yvette's Dutch Genealogy- I have barely touched the surface with the wonderful resources available here.  Yvette, a professional genealogist who works for The National Archives in The Hague, is the genius behind this website.  There is a lot of background information on archives, sources, dutch terms and names, emigration, history, and geography.  The database link will take you to a genealogy page with more information.  There are many links available and every click leads you to more.  There is a Dutch Genealogy Store with a few books about Dutch Genealogy, history and culture.  Yvette provides everything you need and she will even do the research for you, if you choose.  Yvette's website should be included in every Dutch researcher's toolbox.

3. Zeeuwen Gezocht (Zeelanders Wanted)- If your ancestors came from the province of Zeeland, Netherlands, then this searchable database is a must.  For English speaking researchers, click 'English' in the top right corner.    Other information on sources, new data added, frequently asked questions, and tools are available.  The tools section has a translation of dutch words, civil registrar, historical maps of Zeeland from 1816-1970, websites and more.  This is another website adding to my sleep deprivation.  Be sure to take a look.

4.  go site has paid and free information.  The section I like is the 'Genealogy Research Section".  You will find "The Basics-A Guide" free online.  This is a very comprehensive guide to researching your Dutch ancestry.  Oh, I almost forgot-it has Dutch recipes, too!

5.  Hear Dutch Here-This website provides dutch pronunciation and spelling help .  You can hear dutch words pronounced or if adventurous, learn to speak Dutch with their lessons.  Historical maps of the Netherlands can be found here too. 

These are my five top go-to websites when researching Dutch ancestry.  Clicking on the red lettering will take you to the website section referred to.  Do you have a favorite website for Dutch ancestry?  Please share it in the comments section.


Barbara Poole said...

Brenda, I just went through all your posts and was surprised I hadn't commented. You are on a roll with all your new information and I'm sure I'll pick up something along the way. My Dutch (quite a few) came over ca 1660-1700.
Congratulations on your second blog.

Brenda Leyndyke said...

Thanks, Barbara I have found Dutch ancestry to be pretty easy to research.

pardonmetammy said...

Very helpful... I do have some Dutch ancestors that are not on the front of my research list right now, but I'd definitely love to find out more about them eventually. Thanks for the resources!

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Yvette Hoitink said...

I'm flattered to be included in your top 5! The information isn't quite correct anymore. I now work as a professional genealogist besides my job at the National Archives. So I now provide everything you need, including the research :-)

Brenda Leyndyke said...

Thank you Yvette for the new information. I have edited the post to include the current information.

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